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New telecoms Bill hits hurdle

Published:Friday | April 13, 2012 | 8:53 AM

Jerome Reynolds, Gleaner Writer

The technology minister, Phillip Paulwell has indicated that there will be further delays in bringing the draft telecommunication bill to Parliament because it is flawed.

Last September, the Bruce Golding-led Cabinet approved amendments to the Telecommunication Act, as the government sought to strengthen the regulation in light of the Digicel-Claro merger.

The Bill was later tabled in parliament.

However, following a change in administration after the 2011 General Elections, the Technology Minister Phillip Paulwell instructed that the bill be reviewed.

Paulwell said the Attorney General Department has now raised concerns about aspects of the Bill.

He said the department has indicated that the bill cannot go ahead, as it in breach of the Constitution and so the proposed law has to be re-drafted.

Telecoms company LIME, has been pressing the government to amend the law insisting that it puts the company at a disadvantage.

Paulwell said his ministry remains committed to working to expand competition in the telecoms market.