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Spencer trial delayed

Published:Monday | September 15, 2008 | 4:10 PM

The delay was due to the inability of Chin\'s attorneys to start the case.

The three are facing charges of money laundering and corruption, arising from the Cuban light bulb project, which racked up costs of $276 million.

Last week Chin, a businessman opted to replace Valerie Neita-Robertson as his attorney.

He opted for Queen\'s Counsel Richard Small and Heron Dale.

Dale told the court that Small was in the United States attending a funeral and was not able to attend court.

He also said that Chin\'s defense team has not received all the documents in the matter and was therefore not in a position to begin trial.

Lead prosecutor Paula Llewelyn said the Crown was ready to begin.

She also said that all the documents relating to the case had been sent to the defence attorneys.

Spencer and his attorneys have said that they are disappointed that the trial has been stalled.

Another mention date has been set for Thursday when another trial date is expected to be decided.