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OUR probes JPS bills

Published:Tuesday | September 16, 2008 | 9:17 AM

Prime Minister Bruce Golding has instructed the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR) to carry out a detailed probe of the charges being imposed for electricity supplied by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS).

The OUR is to complete the analysis and report to the Prime Minister within the next two weeks.

The probe has been ordered amid growing complaints and protests by consumers regarding escalating electricity bills.

Mr. Golding said the analysis must be done to ensure that consumers are not being overcharged or being asked to pay for any inefficiency on the JPS’ part.

The National Democratic Movement (NDM) said it is very concerned about the high cost of fuel in Jamaica, despite a noticeable decrease in oil prices on the world market.

Chairman of the NDM, Peter Townsend wants the energy ministry to carry out an investigation into why local fuel prices are not decreasing.