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Rock River launches Farmers' Watch

Published:Friday | June 1, 2012 | 12:37 PM

Horace Fisher, Gleaner Writer

Clarendon farmers in the community of Rock River have launched an initiative aimed at cutting praedial larceny.

The programme called Farmers’ Watch is similar to the neighbourhood watch concept and involves farmers looking out for the properties of each other.

The farmers have partnered with the police and telecommunications company LIME and have distributed 27 cellular phones in the community to make contact with each other once a suspected thief is spotted.

Rock River farmers have complained that praedial thieves have been making it extremely unprofitable for them in recent months.

Seventy-one year-old Rock River farmer, Hermin Burrell, said only two week ago she has lost six cows and ten goats to thieves.

She said last Sunday the thieves returned but they were not able to get her animals because an alarm was raised.

This morning more than eight goats were recovered after an alarm was raised that a thief had just removed them.

The president of the Rock River Farmers' Watch, Howard Miller, said he is pleased that already, the programme is reaping success.

The national praedial larceny prevention coordinator, Reginald Grant, has endorsed the Rock River’s Farmers Watch.

However, he has urged members not to use the group to enforce vigilante justice.