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Traffic ticket website restored

Published:Thursday | September 6, 2012 | 4:06 PM

The traffic ticket website is up and running again, weeks after it was pulled because of glitches.

The website was launched in July to coincide with the traffic ticket amnesty.

The restored site states that it provides a list of tickets issued before September 21, 2010.

However, this time, it contains a disclaimer which states that the site does NOT allow for verification of whether persons have already paid their traffic tickets or have settled them in the court.

The last site was pulled down because motorists complained that many tickets they had paid were listed as outstanding.

In cases where the matters were dismissed by the court, the old website was also indicating that those tickets were still unpaid.

However, the new website states clearly that it is the Tax Administration Jamaica and the court that have complete and accurate records of all tickets that have been issued, and all payments received.

It recommends that motorists use the available call centres if they need clarification.

The site can now be accessed at