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Crawford spends 58 per cent on education

Published:Monday | September 17, 2012 | 9:51 PM

Damion Mitchell, Editor Radio & Online

The People’s National Party has released statistics on the expenditure by the 42 Government MPs on education and the East Rural St Andrew representative, Damion Crawford has spent 58 per cent of his allocation.

The expenditure covers the period since January and was detailed by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister.

In recent months Crawford has been under pressure from his constituents who have been demanding that he increases his allocation for matters other than education.

But Crawford has been insisting that his formula to spend more on education is a long term strategy to rescue the constituency from poverty and illiteracy.

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However, according to the data from the CDF Unit, of the $9.279 million disbursed to Crawford’s East Rural St Andrew constituency for projects, he only spent $5.439 million or 58.62 per cent on education.

MPs with low percentage spend so far this year:

Denise Daley (St Catherine Eastern) 53.57 per cent;

Phillip Paulwell (East Kingston and Port Royal) 46.67 per cent;

Mikael Phillips (Manchester North West) 44.92 per cent;

Derrick Kellier (St James Southern) 29.85 per cent; and

Ian Hayles (Hanover Western) 26.49 per cent.

MPs with high percentage spend so far this year:

Julian Robinson (St Andrew South East) 88.53 per cent;

Dr Peter Phillips (St Andrew East Central) 86.21 per cent; and

Michael Peart (Manchester South) 83 per cent.

MPs have the right to choose the areas on which they would like to allocate more resources depending on the needs of their constituencies.

But according to PNP deputy general secretary Julian Robinson, it is important to point out that MPs have no personal access to the funds from the CDF.

“A project proposal has to be developed by the MP and submitted to the CDF Unit in the Office of the Prime Minister,” said Robinson.

“After the project is vetted and approved by the CDF Office, it is sent to the Parliamentary CDF Committee for approval. In all cases where payments are made, these are done directly to the institutions that provide goods or services. No money passing through the hands of the MP,” he wrote in a media release.

Robinson's spend of 88.54 per cent of his allocation on education is equal to $6.182 million of the $6.982 million disbursed for all projects in his constituency since the start of the year.

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“This trend of spending significant amounts of the CDF on education is an indication that PNP MPs are increasingly focused on service delivery to our constituents and have moved away from the politics of ‘hand outs’,” he said.