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Would-be Mandeville robber on murder charge

Published:Thursday | September 20, 2012 | 1:30 PM

The police are reporting that one of the two accused would-be robbers who were arrested in Mandeville, Manchester yesterday had been out on bail in connection with a murder charge.

According to the police, the murder case is now before the May Pen Circuit Court.

The police say both men remain in their custody and arrangements are now being made to question them.

According to the police, about 3 o’clock yesterday, a man and a woman were conducting business at the Manchester Shopping Centre.

The woman reportedly left her companion in the motor car and went to a nearby restaurant to purchase items.

While sitting in the motor car, the man was reportedly approached by two men, who demanded money.

The driver of the car sped off, however, the gunmen opened fire at the car, injuring him and causing the vehicle to crash into an embankment.

The police say the gunfire alerted cops who were nearby and they responded almost immediately.

The gunmen reportedly challenged the police, but were eventually captured when reinforcements were sought.

The police say two Browning 9mm pistols, one with two rounds and the other with ten, were taken from them.

The Police Commissioner Owen Ellington has commended the response team saying its members exhibited a fine display of restraint and strict adherence to the use of force and human rights policy.

Ellington also says the cops displayed discipline, care for others and bravery in the face of extreme danger, and should be a model for others.