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Paulwell defends bauxite levy waiver for UC Rusal

Published:Wednesday | October 3, 2012 | 10:59 PM

Arthur Hall, Senior News Editor

Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell is defending the government’s decision to grant a one year bauxite levy concession to UC Rusal, despite giving up US$7 million in revenue.

The one year concession is part of a deal with UC Rusal, which will see the government keeping the Ewarton Bauxite Plant in St. Catherine open.

According to Paulwell, there is no guarantee that the government would have collected this money if it did not grant the concession.

Paulwell argued that the previous government was also offered a similar deal that would have kept the Kirkvine Plant in Manchester open.

However, he said that offer was refused and the plant has now been closed for the past three years.