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Police High Command offers solution to stem illicit gun, drug trade

Published:Saturday | October 20, 2012 | 10:03 AM

The Police High Command is offering to help Jamaicans involved in the illicit gun and drug trade to get out safely.

The offer comes even as the High Command warns Jamaicans about the possible dangers, including death, to which they expose themselves by getting involved in illegal activities.

Pointing to one instance, the police say investigations into last month’s discovery of cocaine in Old Harbour Bay, St Catherine, indicate that several persons went to the area to become involved in the trade.

However, they say some of the deals went sour, resulting in acts of violence being committed against individuals and their family members.

The police say, so far, they are investigating at least three murders as a result of drug deals gone sour, one of which resulted in the beheading of a 19-year-old man in Spanish Town, St Catherine, earlier this week.

They say intelligence also suggests that another incident in Taylor Land, Bull Bay, St Andrew, where two men were murdered, occurred when the two went to purchase guns.

The High Command says it’s warning Jamaicans to stay away from the gun and drug trade and if they are already involved to report the matter to the Police, who will be able to offer them protection to exit the trade.