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Two shot and killed in Mandeville

Published:Thursday | November 1, 2012 | 11:23 AM

Two men were shot and killed in Mandeville last night while having a drink at a sports bar.

According to police reports, 20-year-old Alex Elliot from a Whitney Turn address in Manchester and 40- year-old Steven Collier were having a drink at a sports bar at Caledonia Plaza.

An argument developed between them and some other men. The other men left the scene and later returned at 11 pm armed with guns.

They opened fire on Elliot and Collier and then made their escape. Both were pronounced dead at the Mandeville Regional Hospital.

The murder comes amid several operations by Mandeville police at clubs and bars in the town at nights. Last week Thursday up to 100 men were taken into custody from entertainment spots and processed.

Assistant Commissioner of Police Derrick Cochrane said, “We will be carrying out intensive investigations on this matter. For the last three weeks we have been having operations to flush out criminal elements from the town as we strive to create that delicate balance between public safety and for people to enjoy nightlife activity.”

He added, “Sometimes when we (police) come down hard it’s a move to provide safer environment for residents.”