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Commish responds to damning transport audit

Published:Thursday | November 29, 2012 | 9:30 AM

Damion Mitchell, Editor - Radio & Online

The police commissioner Owen Ellington has responded to the damning findings of the auditor general following a review of the operations at the police Transport and Repairs Division.

In a statement late last night, the commissioner said he has launched a series of investigations into a number of the allegations in the report.

According to the Commissioner, further information will be provided once the investigations are complete.

However, he said from as far back as January 2011, the police and the national security ministry had taken steps to address some of the issues highlighted.

Among the concern raised by the auditor general was the lack of an inventory of police vehicles.

However, the Commissioner said a complete listing of all new vehicles purchased since 2007 has been compiled by the National Security Ministry.

He also said a new system will be adapted by the Transport and Repairs Division by year end which will include all necessary vehicle information.

Ellington said the system will include an electronic inventory capable of monitoring the movement of parts from one vehicle to the next or from one police garage to another.

He has sought to explain that the duplication of engine numbers for some vehicles was because some parts had been switched from one vehicle to another.

Meanwhile, the JCF has accepted that the practice of collecting money for the repair of crashed vehicles where civilians have accepted liability was not done in accordance with established guidelines.

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