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Taxi group wants traffic ticketing system reviewed

Published:Monday | December 31, 2012 | 3:04 PM

At least one taxi association is reiterating its concern about the traffic ticket amnesty.

Dion Chance, President of the National Association of Taxi Operators (NCOTA), said it is unfortunate that the government intends to lock up motorists, for failing to pay outstanding fines when there are still technical issues with the system.

He said before the police announce that motorists will be thrown in jail, they have to ensure that the ticketing system is free of errors.

Chance says the information on the system must be reviewed.

Useful traffic ticket amnesty information:

*Website: Find out if you have outstanding tickets at

*Amnesty hotline: 928-2155 or 928-3450.

*Tickets can only be paid at tax offices.

*You must take you traffic ticket number obtained from the website and your TRN.

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