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Address energy crisis - Hyman

Published:Wednesday | February 13, 2013 | 12:50 PM

Financial Analyst Ralston Hyman wants to government to state how it plans to address the country’s energy crisis.

Reacting to the announcement of the National Debt Exchange Programme yesterday, Hyman noted that the country’s biggest problem is not its debt, but underproduction and overconsumption.

He says the country cannot produce efficiently and competitively because the cost of energy is too high.

Hyman maintains that any strategy to grow the economy must include an energy component.

Against that background, he described the second round of the debt exchange programme as a ‘get by’ or debt containment strategy.

He maintains that the Government should work towards growing the country out of debt instead of contracting its way out of debt.

Meanwhile, President of the National Workers Union Vincent Morrison says he, too, is disappointed that the Government did not address the country’s energy crisis in the National Broadcast on Monday night.