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Jamaica hoping to establish special education exchange programme with Canada

Published:Friday | August 8, 2014 | 11:00 AM

The Education Ministry says it is seeking to establish an exchange programme which will see special education teachers from Jamaica, visiting Canada to observe best practices in that country.

In addition, the Ministry is exploring the possibility of acquiring appropriate technology from Canada to be used in the delivery of special education programmes to persons with disabilities.

A statement from the ministry said the proposals resulted from talks yesterday between Education Minister Ronald Thwaites and Canadian Senator, Dr Don Meredith.

Senator Meredith led a parliamentary and business delegation to the island that participated in the talks facilitated by Senate President Floyd Morris.

And the Education Minister also welcomed an offer from the visiting Senator to identify Canadian suppliers of solar energy with whom the ministry could do business.

Mr Thwaites disclosed that the Ministry of Education is seeking to lease the roofs of school plants to solar energy providers in an arrangement that would result in a reduction of their electricity bills.

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