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Police seek 19 men from four Kingston gangs

Published:Sunday | August 10, 2014 | 1:03 PM

The St Andrew central police has listed 19 persons belonging to four gangs in Kingston as persons of interest.

The police say the wanted persons are linked to an incident that occurred on July 26 in August Town.

Thirteen of the 19 persons belong to the Goldsmith Villa Gang, four are reportedly members of the Jungle 12 gang, and the other two belonging to the Puppy Paw and Tavern Drive gangs, respectively.

The wanted men linked to the Goldsmith Villa Gang are Titi Man, Kemar Powell otherwise called ‘ Papa’, Joel Campbell otherwise called, ‘Showers’, Romario Powell also known as, ‘Mario’ and Navardo Brown otherwise called ‘Cycle’.

Also wanted are Dever Rookwood otherwise called, ‘Bossy’, Jermaine Scott also known as, ‘Bigga’, Kevin Markland called, ‘Rain’, Kemar Markland, Romaine Scott otherwise called, ‘Predator’, Odain Markland otherwise called ‘Shawny Russ’.

Tan McNab, otherwise called ‘ Papi’, and Kingsley Smith, otherwise called ‘Bomb Head’ of the Goldsmith criminal group are also being sought by the police.

The wanted men from the Jungle 12 gang are: Jehus Ferguson otherwise called, ‘Jeffus’, Romario Campbell otherwise called, ‘Deh Deh’, Conrod Williams otherwise called, ‘Bossy’ and Santana Stafford.

The police are also seeking Ricardo Jones, otherwise called ‘Puppy Paw’, from a gang of the same name and Ulando Hall, also called ‘Stray D’ from the Tavern Drive Gang.

The men are being asked to report to the August Town police or the nearest police station by six o’clock this evening.


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