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Family of man brutally beaten in custody responds to latest developments

Published:Wednesday | August 13, 2014 | 9:18 AM

Karlene Brown, Assistant News Editor - Radio

KINGSTON, Jamaica:

The family of Mario Deane, who died last week following a brutal beating at the Barnett Street police Station says it is pleased with recent developments surrounding the case.

Yesterday, the Police High Command announced that six police personnel on duty at the time of Deane’s beating last Sunday had been interdicted and suspended.

Deane’s family has been suspicious of the police's role in the attack, following conflicting reports of how Deane sustained the devastating injuries which led to his death.

According to the police Deane was beaten by cell mates.

However, the family’s attorney, Miguel Lorne says they have written documents stating that the police told doctors Deane sustained the injuries due to a fall from a bunk bed.

Lorne says the family is welcoming news of the interdictions and suspensions.

However, he says they're still pushing for charges to be brought against the police officers.

News also came yesterday, of changes to the treatment of persons charged with minor offenses such as the possession of small quantities of ganja.

Deane had been in custody at the Barnett Street Station last week because of an arrest for a ganja spliff.

However, with the government in the process of passing legislation decriminalising marijuana, questions have been raised as to why Deane was arrested in the first place.

Under the new guidelines, the police have been instructed to only place persons who've committed minor offences in custody under exceptional cases, such as in the event the offender is being investigated for other serious offences.

Responding to the new measures, the family’s attorney Miguel Lorne said the development is proof the government only acts when pressured.

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