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Labour ministry warns employers against altering employment contracts without consent

Published:Tuesday | August 26, 2014 | 1:28 PM


Errol Miller, the chief technical officer in the Labour and Social Security Ministry is warning employers against altering the contract of their workers without consent.

Miller says the impending flexi-work arrangements are aimed at enhancing the work environment and employees should not be put at a disadvantage.

He says the labour ministry will be closely monitoring complaints and take appropriate action where there are breaches.

The labour ministry’s Chief Technical Officer was speaking at a recent meeting of the North St Andrew Kiwanis Club.

The Employment Flexible Work Arrangements Miscellaneous Provisions Bill was tabled in Parliament in March this year and is expected to be debated in September.

The Government has argued that flexi-work arrangements is a key part of the country’s economic growth agenda and one of the main strategies for the reform of the Jamaican labour market.

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