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Free North-South toll road use ends Friday night

Published:Thursday | September 4, 2014 | 3:55 PM

The operators of the North-South highway are reminding motorists that free access to Segment 2 of the toll road linking Linstead to Moneague will end on Friday night.

The Jamaica North South Highway Company says when the clock strikes 12:00 to mark the start of September 6, toll charges to use the 20 kilometer stretch will become applicable.

The operators say the thoroughfare, which bypasses Mount Rosser saves approximately 30 minutes in travel time.


$200 - Class 1 - vehicles that do not exceed 1.7 metres high and are less than 5.5 metres l

$420 - Class 2 - vehicles more than 1.7. high but less than 5.5 metres long, or those not exceeding 1.7 high and are more than 5.5 metres


$1000 - Class 3 -

$160 - Class 4 - motorized two and three wheel vehicles

The highway operator says if vehicles enter the Jamaica North South Highway by error they will not be able to turn back until the end of the highway between Linstead and Moneague.

Motorists are also being encouraged to keep a steady pace when climbing the 8 degree incline and to slow their speed on the fairly steep descent.

It is also recommended that motorists stay within the 80 kilometer per hour speed limit.

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