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Church to scrutinise flexi-work bill

Published:Thursday | September 25, 2014 | 9:11 AM

The Jamaica Council of Churches says it will be reviewing thoroughly a bill which was passed on Tuesday in the House of Representatives which paves the way for flexi-work arrangements in Jamaica.

Church leaders had been concerned that while the proposed law allows for freedom of worship it was not specific enough, as the employer can still determine what days of the week the employee can be off work.

As a result of the concerns raised, the Government had delayed passing the bill to allow for more consultation.

Head of the Council, Reverend Gary Harriot, says he has not yet had a chance to go through the final bill fully.

However, he says based on consultations with the Government and reports out of Parliament the new law seems to have taken into consideration most of the concerns of the Church.

Reverend Harriot also says there appears to be a commitment to public education on the matter.

However, he says the church has lingering concerns about what the flexi-work arrangements will mean for the culture of Jamaica with the likely erosion of the traditional weekend.


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