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US military official warns of mass migration if Ebola hits Caribbean and Central America

Published:Thursday | October 9, 2014 | 12:46 PM

The United States military is warning that an Ebola outbreak in Central America or the Caribbean could trigger a mass migration to the North American country.

Head of the United States Southern Military Command, Marine General John F. Kelly also implies that established Central American illegal trafficking networks could introduce infected persons into the US.

He singles out Haiti and countries in Central America which he says have almost no ability to deal with Ebola.

According to the US Naval Institute’s online news and analysis portal although an ocean away from Ebola hotspots in West Africa, a growing number of West Africans are using the illicit trafficking routes through Central America to enter the US illegally.

The US has sent 4,000 troops to West Africa to assist countries in dealing with the Ebola outbreaks in the region.


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