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Poor supervision blamed for child road deaths

Published:Friday | November 7, 2014 | 5:28 PM

The Road Safety Unit in the transport ministry is blaming low supervision for the fact that 19 children have been killed in traffic crashes so far this year.

It is urging parents and guardians to be more vigilant in supervising their children regularly and effectively while they utilise the roads.

It says six girls and 13 boys have been killed on the nation’s roads up to yesterday and it says 21 per cent of these deaths occurred in St Ann.

Statistics from the Road Safety Unit reveal that of the 19 children, 13 were in the care of an adult, while six were left unsupervised to navigate the traffic environment.

It says of seven child pedestrians killed, four were left unsupervised in the traffic environment who were under the age of nine.

In addition, all accompanied child pedestrian killed were under the age of seven.

The ministry is recommending that all children 10 years and under be accompanied by a capable adult when using the road.

It says young children must be securely seated in the back of motor vehicles and if a child is under the age of 12 or cannot be correctly restrained by a seat belt, the child must not be transported in the passenger seat in the front of the car.

The Unit also says that to date a total of 270 deaths have been recorded as a result of motor vehicle crashes since January.


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