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PNP: We fully support appointment of new NHT board members

Published:Tuesday | November 25, 2014 | 3:44 PM

The People's National Party (PNP) says it will reject any attempt to sully the reputation of the retained scandal-hit National Housing Trust board, which has been outfitted with four new members.

The party, in a statement this morning, said it hopes attempts at questioning the new board appointments will go unsupported by well thinking Jamaicans.

The PNP says it fully supports yesterday's decision by the Cabinet to appoint the four additional members to the current Board of Directors at the National Housing Trust.

The party says the new NHT board members have distinguished themselves over many years.

It adds that the new appointees' service to their organisations and professions confirm their credentials as persons who have the nation’s interest at heart.

The PNP says it is of the view that this decision was arrived at after fulsome deliberation of the issues that have arisen within the public domain.

According to the PNP statement, the party says yesterday's press briefing hosted by the NHT board chairman Easton Douglas was successful in silencing detractors.

The party says its of the view that the NHT board did nothing wrong by using $180 million of contributors' money to buy the failed Outameni tourist attraction.

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