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Education ministry restructures Career Advancement Programme

Published:Wednesday | December 10, 2014 | 2:12 PM

The Ministry of Education has restructured the Career Advancement Programme (CAP) to fix what it says were deficiencies in the programme.

The Ministry says since the programme was launched in 2010, 70 per cent of each cohort had low levels of literacy and numeracy and on average 40 per cent of each cohort dropped out of the programme.

The ministry further says CAP teachers were not fully competent in some areas of the curriculum.

Details of the CAP programme were outlined in a Ministry Paper tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday.

The education ministry says it conducted a review and the programme and it has been rebranded as 'Change of Attitude through Performance'.

Additionally, a number of changes have been implemented to include training of teachers, development of a national lesson plan database, and the creation of a comprehensive literacy and numeracy remediation programme.

The Education Ministry says it has established a Technical Sixth Form programme in 15 high schools with 1,000 participants.

The ministry further says the CAP programme is being delivered alongside the Grade 12 and Grade 13 programmes in some schools.

It says this initiative will allow students to be exposed to a skills course and earn a Caribbean Vocational Qualification.

Meanwhile, the Education Ministry says nine thousand of the 42,000 students now in Grade 11 will graduate in 2015 without the required competencies.

The ministry says steps will be taken to have these students enrolled in alternative programmes before they exit the secondary school system.

It says it expects more than 6,000 students to participate in the CAP programme this current academic year, up from 2,000 participants last year.

The Ministry says some $273 million will be spent on the programme.


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