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No power loss expected over Christmas - JPS

Published:Wednesday | December 24, 2014 | 9:17 AM

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is seeking to assure that it does not expect any further disruptions in power supply over the holiday period.

The assurance from JPS president Kelly Tomblin, follows yesterday’s load shedding that affected at least eight parishes.

The company says the problem was due to the unexpected failure of two power generating units in Old Harbour, St Catherine and another in Hunts Bay, St Andrew.

The JPS says the situation was exacerbated by technical difficulties being experienced by one of the country’s Independent Power Producers.

However, the JPS head is seeking to assure Jamaicans that they will be able to carry out their celebrations for the rest of the holidays without being affected.

Tomblin says the JPS has reserve power generation to use if the three generators continue to give problems.

She says some of the failures on the generating units are due to those systems being over-extended.

She adds that this year, the company spent more than US$23 million to carry out a major overhaul and maintenance on some of the key units.

Tomblin says because of the delay in the addition of new base load capacity, JPS has been forced to run the units in a manner that they are not designed to operate.

Earlier this year, the Government was forced to rethink its planned project to construct a new 360 megawatt power plant next year.

A committee is now attempting to revive those efforts.

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