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Time for growth, says PNP on third anniversary of election win

Published:Monday | December 29, 2014 | 4:07 PM

On the occasion of the third anniversary of the People’s National Party's (PNP) victory in last general election, the party says it needs to accelerate the pace of economic growth and development.

In 2011, the PNP won 42 of the 63 parliamentary seats.

The Jamaica Labour Party won the other 21 seats.

In a statement outlining its achievements, the party said upon taking office, the government embarked on a critical audit and analysis of the state of the nation's affairs.

The PNP said three years since its victory, it has racked up what it calls 10 important developments:

1. The significant reduction in major crimes and criminal activity

2. The attainment of the targets set out in the Economic Recovery Programme

3. The restoration of Jamaica's credibility among our International Development Partners, specifically the International Monetary Fund

4. The restoration of positive relationships among our traditional and new partners across the globe

5. The continued expansion and development of the island's physical infrastructure

6. The maintenance of a comprehensive Social Security programme through PATH and related projects

7. The successful and ongoing implementation of the Jamaica Emergency Employment Programme

8. The expansion and modernization of Primary Health Care facilities across rural Jamaica

9. The establishment of Agro Parks to make the agricultural sector more competitive

10. The most significant Legislative Reform Agenda over many years.

According to the PNP, those developments have resulted in the reduction in unemployment figures, especially among the youth population, passing of IMF tests and the return of economic growth.

However, the party says despite those indicators, improvements in education and health services are not at desired levels.

It also says too many Jamaicans are still faced with serious risks and vulnerabilities.

The PNP administration has come in for much criticisms regarding issues of governance and transparency arising from its handling of several issues including the National Housing Trust/Outameni controversy and the Richard Azan/Spaldings Market affair.

And earlier this month, the latest Transparency International Corruption Perception index showed that Jamaica has dropped two spaces over last year, ranking 85th out of 175 countries.

The government was also accused of endangering the health of Jamaicans because of its alleged tardiness in responding to the Chikungunya outbreak.

There have also been several protests by public sector workers especially in the health sector over the slow payment of salary deductions and resource shortages.

Prime Minister Portia Simpson Miller has also been criticized for not engaging with the public often.

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