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Should groped woman corporal sue and who?

Published:Tuesday | February 10, 2015 | 9:29 AM

Noted attorney Linton Gordon is rejecting a suggestion by a group of cops in St Ann for sanctions to be imposed against a resident magistrate who ordered the detention of a woman corporal.

The woman corporal was placed in a cell with male prisoners just over a week ago after Senior Resident Magistrate Andrea Thomas ordered that she be placed in custody for contempt of court.

The attorney Linton Gordon is suggesting that the woman corporal seek leave from the Police Commissioner to sue the police who placed her in the lock up with the male prisoners.

The Jamaica Police Federation says while the woman corporal – still clad in her uniform – was being held with the male detainees she was groped and grasped at by a prisoner.

She is reported to have subsequently collapsed and had to be rushed to a private medical facility for treatment.  

According to Gordon, any call for sanctions must relate to the officers who placed the woman corporal among the male detainees.

He says the Police Commissioner should also punish those officers and submit to the DPP, a file on whether there is any act of gross negligence.

Gordon says the woman corporal with the leave of the Police Commissioner should file a claim against her colleagues who placed her in the cell as well as the Police Commissioner and the Attorney General for breaches of her Constitutional Rights.

The attorney maintains that if the reports about what transpired in court involving the woman corporal are true, then the Magistrate is blameless and should be commended for insisting that the Court be respected.

According to Gordon, says his understanding is that the incident stemmed from the behaviour of the Woman Corporal in open court when being spoken to by the Magistrate.

The Magistrate was questioning the delay by the Police in performing certain responsibilities.

The woman corporal allegedly spoke to the Magistrate in a loud and aggressive voice while at the same time displaying insubordinate and inappropriate body language despite being warned on three occasions to desist.

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