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Bizarre threats from Jamaican number bring SWAT teams to Millvale

Published:Tuesday | June 2, 2009

SWAT teams searched an area in Millvale in the United States after police received several threatening calls from a Jamaican cell phone number, according to a report on ThePittsburghChannel.com.

Several streets in the area were closed for almost two hours as more than 10 police agencies responded to the calls.

Police are said to have originally received multiple threatening phone calls stating that people would be shot if money was not wired, according to the report. Police Chief for Millvale, Derek Miller, said a call was received \"that a male shot two people in a house.\"

In the call, a man calling himself Sam, claimed to have shot and killed two people and stated that there would be more murders in the Pittsburgh area if he was not wired an undisclosed amount of money to an account in Texas. Miller added \"it was a Jamaican cell phone number and the guy on the phone appears to be Jamaican.\"