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Published:Wednesday | April 9, 2008 | 2:55 PM

Zambia has called for an emergency meeting of the Southern African Development Community on the Zimbabwe presidential poll delay.

Published:Wednesday | April 9, 2008 | 10:03 AM

Zimbabwe have been forced out of the CLICO Under-15 International Cricket Championship, after the players were denied British visas to travel to the Caribbean via London.

Published:Wednesday | April 9, 2008 | 10:02 AM

Baghdad has imposed a one-day vehicle curfew as a security measure for the fifth anniversary of the city\'s capture by American forces.

Published:Tuesday | April 8, 2008 | 10:52 AM

The World Trade Organization (WTO) has ruled that the European Union (EU) is still breaking international trade rules with its banana import regime.

Published:Tuesday | April 8, 2008 | 10:52 AM

Nine people convicted for their involvement in suicide bombings in Casablanca have escaped from a prison in Morocco.

Published:Monday | April 7, 2008 | 2:56 PM

A Zimbabwean High Court judge has agreed to hear a petition by the opposition Movement for Democratic Change demanding the immediate release of the recent election results.

Published:Monday | April 7, 2008 | 2:55 PM

Health officials in Spain are reporting that the Mad Cow disease has killed two persons in the Castilla Leon region of North Madrid since December.

Published:Monday | April 7, 2008 | 11:42 AM

France said it has made contact with Somali pirates who seized a luxury French yacht and its crew of about 30.

Published:Friday | April 4, 2008 | 2:28 PM

The first case of human-to-human transmission of avian influenza or bird flu has been confirmed in Pakistan.

Published:Friday | April 4, 2008 | 11:45 AM

United Nations meteorologists said global temperatures this year will be lower than in 2007 due to the cooling effect of the La Nina current in the Pacific.

Published:Thursday | April 3, 2008 | 2:54 PM

Zimbabwean President, Robert Mugabe is likely to defend his post in a run-off.

Published:Thursday | April 3, 2008 | 12:38 PM

An outspoken Chinese civil rights activist who dedicated himself to chronicling the plight of other dissidents has been sentenced to three and a half years in jail.

Published:Wednesday | April 2, 2008 | 3:36 PM

Zimbabwe\'s opposition party says its leader Morgan Tsvangirai has won the presidential election, releasing its own results to back up the claim.

Published:Wednesday | April 2, 2008 | 3:34 PM

Human rights lobby group, Amnesty International are claiming that China’s human rights record is worsening, in light of the Beijing Olympics to be held there later this year.

Published:Wednesday | April 2, 2008 | 11:05 AM

An opinion poll carried out for the BBC World Service suggests attitudes towards the United States are improving.

Published:Tuesday | April 1, 2008 | 2:57 PM

A major parliamentary inquiry completed in Britain revealed record levels of immigration are bringing little or no economic benefit to the country.

Published:Tuesday | April 1, 2008 | 1:34 PM

Argentine farmers said they would continue a crippling 19-day strike after rejecting a series of new government measures as insufficient.

Published:Monday | March 31, 2008 | 2:59 PM

British Airways has cancelled 54 more short-haul flights at the London Heathrow Airport\'s new Terminal five.

Published:Friday | March 28, 2008 | 3:57 PM

The chairman of struggling US investment bank, Bear Stearns, has sold his entire stake in the firm as a takeover by JP Morgan Chase looms.

Published:Friday | March 28, 2008 | 3:56 PM

Argentina\'s President, Cristina Fernandez said she would not negotiate with striking farmers until they end their protests over rising taxes on major export goods.

Published:Thursday | March 27, 2008 | 3:27 PM

A strike by Argentina farmers over rising taxes on major export goods has entered its third week, with little sign of resolution.

Published:Wednesday | March 26, 2008 | 2:29 PM

United States presidential candidate, Senator Barack Obama has challenged his rival Senator Hilary Clinton to release information on her tax returns from 2000 to 2006.

Published:Tuesday | March 25, 2008 | 1:49 PM

Government ministers in the United Kingdom are against calls to delay the requirement for all petrol and diesel pumps to provide biofuels.

Published:Tuesday | March 25, 2008 | 9:12 AM

Aid organisation, Oxfam said approximately five billion pounds worth of aid promised to Afghanistan has not been delivered.

Published:Thursday | March 20, 2008 | 3:18 PM

At least 13 people are reported dead following 3 days of heavy rains and flooding in central United States.


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