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Police reject idea of across-the-board $4,000 wage increase

Published:Friday | July 24, 2015 | 12:00 AM

Rank and file police personnel have rejected the idea of an across-the-board $4,000 salary increase instead of a 4 per cent increase for year one of their two-year contract period with the government.

The Government has proposed a four per cent wage increase in year one and three per cent in year two.

According to the Jamaica Police Federation, the $4,000 across-the-board increase has not yet been presented by the Government, but if it were to be made, cops would not accept it.


Chairman of the Police Federation, Sergeant Raymond Wilson

The Jamaica Teachers’ Association has already indicated that it is not in favour of a flat-rate increase.

But the Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions says it has verbally agreed to accept the across-the-board $4,000 a month for civil servants it represents.

Jamaica Police Federation Chairman, Sergeant Raymond Wilson, says each union negotiates based on what’s best for its members and a flat $4,000 increase is not favourable for rank and file members of the constabulary force.

Wilson also says the federation’s wage negotiations with the government will not be influenced by the Government's agreements reached with other unions.

At the same time, he says federation members maintain that the offer for seven-percent increase over two years is too low.