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Online Feedback

Published:Friday | June 16, 2017 | 12:00 AM

Below is social media feedback to the story ‘Not hair police - Ministry will still allow latitude with school-grooming policy’, published Friday, June 16, 2017.


Seriously, there are more important things to worry about than children's hair. This is not a deterrent to getting a higher education. Focus on making sure that all schools have the right resources such as computers/books and materials for the teachers. Get a lunch programme in place at all public schools, as some kids often go to school without meals. Personal grooming is important, but not the most important factor to be on the agenda. - misshottihotti

MOE should also say what is the penalty for disobeying the policy. - _kimmz

Grooming is a part of good schooling, good life, good future. - sexxyllips

What Ruel Reid and his ministry need to do is to figure out a way to keep the teachers safe in the classroom! - sherri_aris

Good move, Minister. However, some students will break those rules. I believe that teachers should use positive reinforcement when this policy is issued so that students will respond positively. - the_on_i

Teaching and learning is part of good schooling. How students wear their hair should be their decision. Once they are clean, the rest is irrelevant to learning. - ozainmoo

The school grooming policies are fine. It's the jackasses called adults with poor parenting skills that are the problem. Which intelligent parent will deliberate between education and hairstyles or skirt length or tightness of uniform. Real parents comply with school rules because education is more important than styles. – chefportable

Jamaicans focus on the minor details too much. Is it really that important? What they need to be focusing on is things like ensuring every student graduates with a minimum of five subjects and not the kind of clothes they wear to school. - esaj_inamra

Where there's a semblance of order, learning takes place. Rules must be adhered to, whether or not we find them foolish. The school prepares us for the world of work, so he/she who refuses to comply will take the unruly behaviour into the workplace. Guess what? He'll /she'll be hopping from job to job. - Maureen McLeod

I don't see where this is necessary because every single school has a policy and many adhere. I see well-groomed students going to non-traditional high schools. The problem is with the children who opt not to conform. What is needed is intervention and conversation with each child to fix the root problem, not micromanaging from the ministry. - Lori-Ann Stephenson