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Published:Thursday | July 9, 2015 | 2:53 PM

The Crack

I sat alone and I cried

Wounded by my pride

For hours I accessed my struggles

I thought maybe, off this ledge I could fly

I wondered, when will the birds fly by

Taking with them my share of the pie

I asked God, "why me?"

Deeply, I sighed

I stood there, for a while


I don't need handouts

I don't need a cheer from the crowd

I just need an open door

An open window will do

A crack, maybe

I just need a breakthrough

Every road ends with a sign marked "closed"

But I refuse to give up

Like Jacob, Lord

"I won't let you go until you bless me"

I have much to accomplish

I can't lose hope, though I am weak

You said: "ask and it shall be given" therefore, I will receive

So this must be your test

To see how well I cope, to see if I believe

Dear God:

"I no longer ask for an open door

A simple crack in the ceiling or the floor

Springing hope

Like water from the well


Until it blossoms, fully grown

This cross I bear, it's weighing me down

Send a sign Lord, a spark in the dark

So I know I am not alone

With you, there is hope

A crack in the ceiling or the floor

Means there is a way out

And off this ledge, I will fly no more."

- Charmaine Wallace

Damn you

The pain and anger I now feel

Numbs my very being

How could you hurt me so much

And then pretend I am to blame?

You walk around with no remorse

Never one day expressing regret

Your words and action have inflicted scars

Too deep for many to see

Leaving wounds only God can heal

Yes, I once loved you with all my heart

But your actions certainly caused distrust

If only you knew how much I cared

You would not have defied my trust.

- Donette Gilling


When I said always

I meant it down to

My core

That you belonged

To a place

Enveloped deep

Within my soul

A place where

Only you could


The place where

On desolate nights

I can retrieve the smile

Twinkling eyes

Of the boy whom

I loved

And will

Always ...

- Livi Rey

I don't believe the heavens lie

I don't believe the heavens lie except when a cloud pretends to cry

When day dawning looks like night

And when night and day begins to fight

I don't believe the heavens lie except when a star comes out at day and stars come out at night

When the dullest star gives the most light

And the brightest stars are satellites

I don't believe the heavens lie except when the moon gives light it doesn't own

When the east and the west sky has a different tone

And earth in the galaxy pretends to be alone

I don't believe the heavens lie except when a shooting star plays hide and seek

When thunder breaks the silent sky that pretends it cannot speak

I don't believe the heavens lie except at dawn when the sun suddenly arrives

And then at night when we need it most

It slowly pretends to die

I don't believe the heavens lie out rightly to the earth beneath

I just think it hides the truths that make mystery immensely sweet.

- Jonathan Bailey