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Published:Thursday | August 6, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Photo by Claude Fletcher A juvenile male red-billed streamertailed hummingbird.



Heat-ration In A Di Nation


What a 'heat-ration' a gwaan in a di nation,

Mr Rain guh a divorce court an somewhat succeed wid separation,

An a swear seh everybody will realise how 'im really sweet

When 'im absence bring on di terrible heat.

An mi a tell yuh, di heat really intense, all

Children fraid fi play.

Sheep a bleat, bird a twitter, cow a moo an

di donkey dem a bray.

Mi nah fool yuh a di raw trute im a tell

Fah di drought a dry up river, stream an well.

People haffe a tun han mek fashion in a dis dry spell.

As fah di dam dem, Mona an Hermitage soon run dry,

An all wi a see is di cloud dem bex up in a di sky.

Fi mi Aunty Matty seh scientist fi find a way

fi mek di cloud dem laugh or smile

an water will come flowing like di river Nile.

But Aunty Matty a tek dis ting fi joke fah some

people can't find water fi drink, cook or bathe,

An di beautiful plants dem jus a wither an fade.

A serious ting a gwaan fah wi can get prosecuted

if wi wash wi car or water wi lawn.

Although wi haffe tek dis scenario serious mi chile

It a send lots a people in a big fashion an style,

Tek Sister Minnie who neva want people fi see

certain part a har skin,

She haffe shed off some a har clothes an get quite thin,

If yuh ever see har in a skimpy shorts an spaghetti strap

Nuh care how yuh feel sleepy, yuh would a

postpone di nap.

But on a serious note, wi haffe tek dis water ting

serious an mek a better plan,

Suh dat wi nuh haffe suffer suh when severe drought

bring 'heat-ration' pon di lan.

Mi really feel it fi di farmer

dem, some just a work fi survive,

can't even tink fi get wealthy

But in di process a help fi

Keep di nation strong an healthy.

But I have all confidence dat di learned judge gwine

reverse Mr Rain separation plan

An send him pouring water all over di lan,

So dat dis terrible an wicked 'heat-ration'

Will cease an desist all over di nation.

- Nalda Taylor-Wright

I am Jamaican

I am Jamaican

Strong, black and beautiful

With courage like the colours of the flag

Radiant like the golden rays of the sun

Luscious like the green of the grass

Ride above the black of hardship with pride

I am Jamaican.

I enjoy the fruits of the land

And the many ground provisions

Ripe bananas, avocado, cocoa and yam

Mango, soursop and otaheite apples

Far too much to mention

I love the roots and culture

The reggae music and steel band

The beautiful Negril beach

With its stretch of white sand

Not to mention

The many who have contributed in making us.

A 'Proud Nation'

We are more than conquerors

With more than a foot to stand on

Who can forget?

The Reggae Boyz recent fame and rise to ascension

Giving them much-needed attention

I speak the unique language

Call ... Patois

I am Jamaican

Our famous slogan is

'No problem, man'.

My country has a rich and beautiful history

Our national flower is the lignum vitae

We have a little Jamaican bird name tody

Known as the robin redbreast

Found among our many species

In the ground it makes its nest

Not in a tree

Birds ... we have many varieties

Including the national bird

The Doctor

Sometimes called

The hummingbird

We have beautiful sunshine all year round

Sometimes the rain can seldom be found

Rarely do we have an earthquake

But we have a few harmless snakes

Found mostly in the Cockpit Country

We also have fireflies

They come out at nights

Flashing their little tail lights.

We have rat bats and iguana lizards

Grow as much as six feet long

Again, way too much to mention.

I am Jamaican

We are famous for wood

Like the mahogany

cedar and satinwood

The blue mahoe our national tree

The coconut is used as a fruit by many

It is the world's most useful tree

And can be seen looming tall on any plantation

We salute our heroes

Who toiled, laboured

Fought for freedom

I am Jamaican

A very proud one.

Ackee and salt fish is our national dish

It was first brought from Africa on a slave ship

Though cooked and used as a vegetable

It is our national fruit

A delicious treat

When cooked and given to many a foreign groups

Who visit our island for vacation or retreat

There is so much more to tell

About this little island


Made up of land, wood and water.

I am Jamaican

My country is independent

Its people are educated, liberated and free

On August 6

Independence Day

We gonna frolic and party the day away

Flaunting our culture

While soaking up the sun

Jamaicans know how to fun


Beautiful caan dun

Land of my birth

I am Jamaican.

- Charmaine Wallace