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Published:Thursday | August 27, 2015 | 12:00 AM
Usain Bolt and Justin Gatlin


Gatlin had won twenty-nine straight

Ran five this season under 9.8

Flew to the Bird's Nest fit and on fire

In the final as the fastest qualifier

Bolt had hardly competed this season

And his semi-final stumble gave good reason

To expect the big man to taste defeat

As he didn't quite look himself on his feet

But he was in Beijing to create history

Acknowledged that the only option was victory

Blocked out the buzz of the naysayers' chatter

Focused on winning, the one thing that matters

On your marks, get set, go

Time for the Usain Bolt show

Switching on the lightning


Firing like a man on a mission

Gatlin never knew what hit him

Lost his composure and his rhythm

Discombobulated by Usain

Almost stepped into another lane

After 9.79 it was done

Another Bolt gold medal run

He was not a hundred percent

But in that race a message was sent

It's not just about physical ability

But also head space and mental stability

The heart of a lion and nerves of titanium

The essence of a champion resides in the cranium

- Michael Abrahams



Tribute to Usain Bolt

Silence please!

Don't you dare speak

Usain Bolt is about to release his speed

Doubters stand by the track side

Left in his dust as he begins to raise the Jamaican pride high

From chain in his mouth at the age of fifteen

We anticipated the day he would take the lead

World records he has erased them

Gold medals he has claimed them

He is the inspiration of the entire island and even the Caribbean region

Clean as a whistle

No drugs to him thing

Shout you must!

The race is over

The world champion has taken it once again

Usain Bolt is the man in whom we can always depend

The track is left cold

The heat in his feet

Is there another man who can claim to produce the lightening speed?

Silence! Don't embarrass yourself and speak

The little boy who once ran and gave up when the lost the lead

Look at him now

He leads and the rest continue to try and come close to his

lightening speed

- Sacheen Laing

- Saccheen Laing


Khaki 'n Tunic Time

Here it comes again

Khaki 'n Tunic time

short pants, long pants

white shirt, long shelve, short shelve

knapsack, backpack, bag with wheels

hair with waves, with curls, with lashes

with splashes, ribbons, frills, exercise books

reading, writing, arithmetic that will not give you

arthritis, nor a writ

Here it comes again

pretend educators

raiding the cyber farm

would be praedial larceny

if the true educators do not receive appropriate compensation

what do you truly expect?

you are on a journey

and everyone knows that

but don't let them pull you in the wrong taxi

don't get your bus fare conned

not everyone is into education

and most are not concerned about yours

apply widely


don't restrict your horizons

nor settle for second best

if the results are not good

change the examining body

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson



How to Change the World


We can change the world and make it better,

yes we can,

Every conscious child, woman and man,

If we each start in our little space

Indeed the world can be a better place.

In our communities, show love, lend a helping hand,

And in short order we should have a better land.

Remove the envy, malice and spite

the bitter bickering and the fight.

And be endeavour to get things right.

Erase the dark spots, illuminate, shine!

Stifle no one's progress and let no one let our strength decline.

Be productive and not destructive, forgive and live

Let the springs flow and let the plants grow.

Hold on to every moral fibre, aim for perfection

And let God give His guidance and protection.

Then would come a transformation that would

be contagious, spreading to other lands near

And far away,

Changing the dark night into day.

Many people all over the world would be

impacted, every nation, every race,

And how happy we would be, knowing we

have helped to change the world by starting

in our little space.

- Nalda Taylor-Wright





We never truly said goodbye between the teardrops and deep sighs

We gently wiped our eyes but hearts are never dry

We never truly said goodbye.

2 years, 2 months and a week can't be buried beneath a parting that was all lie

It can't be over when distance seems so closer

Love never says good by though Islands divide and hold our meeting wide

For seeing you less means more, when true love is strong and pure.

- Homer Sylvester





Who are you? What are you? You try to be someone you're not and I must ask Why?

I am of the assumption that you're lacking in self-esteem, and may have lost your sense of identity.

Your unnatural complexion was bought from the wholesale. Your friends are Nadinola and Neoprosone gel, amongst many others that contribute to you being artificial.

Who are you? What are you? You try to be someone you're not and I must ask Why?

You're consciously aware of the consequences of altering your skin. I see you walking around looking like a dressed up


You got a few enemies, the sun that makes you run up and down. And if the remedy jar goes empty you start to go crazy.

Who are you? What are you? You try to be someone you're not and I must ask Why?

You bleach to fit into a crowd, that doesn't need anymore fitting into. You can hardly find food, but you find the money to get the remedies to make your skin discoloured or smooth.

You continue to bleach and its evident that you have yet to reach. You value other people's perception of you, than your own self worth.

Who are you? What are you? You try to be someone you're not and I must ask Why?

- Xavier Frazer