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Published:Friday | November 6, 2015 | 12:07 PM

Breaking the Silence

The innocence in me slaughtered.

You're still waiting for the applause

Take a look at all the damage you've caused

There was a time

I used to be afraid to talk

I was only a little girl

When you came and changed my world

No one knew of the secrets I've kept

The guilt, the shame

The tears I've wept

No more hanging my head low

Or having my life on go-slow

I no longer feel disgraced

I don't care about the tears streaming down my face

Breaking the silence is now my aim

For every abused child

Know you are not alone

Home will one day be a home

Even when Mom is not around

You did nothing wrong

One day someone will understand

The mission is to save others

Who suffered the same fate

No more will our abusers maim

No more will we hate

But if I stay silent

With nothing to be said

The pain will remain in the back of my head

And I will continue to hurt

Inside and out

I must speak out now

and loud

This should never happen to any boy or girl

I remember it like it was yesterday

I sometimes wonder

If I will ever be okay

If the pain will ever go away

I knew I did nothing wrong

Even as an adult

I still feel alone and sad

But today

I hope breaking the silence

Will stop the tears

Erase the fears

And release the chains

My abuser had over me for many years

- Charmaine Wallace

How Can I Forget?

How can I forget?

They say I am to forget

But how can I forget

How they took my fore parents

from Africa?

How can I forget

How they bound

Their necks hands and feet

With shackles fetters and chain

And took them through the gate of no return?

Their freedom was taken away

Their families were torn apart

Brought to a land of slavery

Worked mercilessly

Lashed mercilessly

Tell me

What wrong can a slave do

To get two hundred lashes?

What wrong can a slave do

To get three hundred lashes?

What wrong can a slave do

To get five hundred lashes?

Oh God tell me

Oh God

Oh God tell me tell me

How can I put this behind

And move on?

Why should I accept a prison

And no compensation

For the wicked and brutal


They gave to our innocent


And no apology

And no compensation?

This is not to be

I will not forget.

- V.O. Ricketts

The Sun Will

Shine Again

Dark clouds hovering,

casting shadows of doubt,

fear, hopelessness,

despair and gloom all around.

Pressure is mounting, hunger is rising,

debts are climbing,

health is deteriorating and

Poverty sits high with its crown.

Frustration laughs as stress dances gaily at the sound,

desperation watched keenly and cheered relentlessly in obedience,

to their orders it must abound.

A calming look was worry as it walks without a frown.

Afar off stood happiness eagerly waiting to appear,

with confidence, love, contentment, peace and joy

drawing closer to desperation cheers,

happiness made its entrance

with its entourage captivating the show.

Darkness drifted slowly as doubt, fear,

hopelessness and despair followed. pressure, debts, poverty, frustration,

stress and desperation became silent.

The rays of joy were illuminating all the darkness

that stood stagnant lingering around.

Contentment and confidence rode calmly in

on the back of peace

by now the stage was lit as happiness danced gaily around.

Alas the show of poverty is over

no more doubt, fear, hopelessness and despair,

pressure was crushed debt trampled

and health reassured, frustration hid

and stress was dumbfounded as joy gave a roar.

Alas! The sun is shining again and poverty is no more.

- Crishna Clarke


You may be drowning in sorrow

And problems you face, in distance

Are greater than a mile,

Your face may feel heavy

But bear the weight and smile.

Your feet may be tired

And your tears keep pouring down,

YES!! The world is a troubled one

But use a smile to destroy that frown.

"Life is unfair"

A perfect phrase of repetition,

But smile for a while

And let it erase that petty-vision.


I'll give you one, if you have not a reason,

For if I should turn my back

I shall be guilty of a high-level treason,


It's not hard,

Trust me it is simple,

Show me that sunlit face

And that cute little dimple.

Smile and don't be sour,

For then your soul will be troubled

As hatred arises to devour,

Smile and shine brighter than the sun,

Look me in the eye,

Do it if you want to cry

Get a head start and run,

Breath is still in your lung,

That should be enough to put a smile upon your face,

You didn't come second or first

You are not even at a qualifying pace,

But smile!

Because you are still a part of the human race.


Even when the sun doesn't show up

And the day seems bleak,

Show the world a different light

With your luminescent cheek.

Be your own sunflower,

And history will save your file

Because you sailed on the hard-ship of life

With just a SMILE