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Selection of poems from our readers

Published:Friday | November 20, 2015 | 11:34 AM


Kingston capital Kingston capital Jamaica

From Torrington Bridge to the harbour

Run cross de sea to Port Royal, Kingston 1

Weh 1692 earthquake draw dung inna san

Inna de sea, buildings fall like chop-dung trees

Survivors hurry to de main Lan weh Kingston lie dung pon

Subjugated Africans work hard as slaves

Throughout the 17 hundreds fi mock slavers enclave

Kingston was de main slave destination port, never resort

The town was constructed so pretty

Only white enslavers were legal to walk free in de city

In de 18 hundreds wen sugar banana get dem rich

World pressures stop all de slavery ships

Only illegal ships continue to enter de port

But few white were there to spy and report

In 1834 slavery was abolished

Kingston port got another hit

1838 wi get full freedom, stuck same way, weh mi fi tun?

Kingston now deh pon every body lips

People walk long fi get a little prip

Some reach inna de town noh waa gu back home

Kingston city now a everybody zone

1865 some people still naa get pay

Paul Bogle rebel out a Morant Bay

1907 Kingston was flat, earthquake again, another problem

Clean up time Africans at work

An de work neva stop build it back pon spot

Island-wide strike 1930, Kingston port again in history

Scholastic Mullatos formed Trade Unions

Neocolonialists now in de region

JLPNP gamble Afro-Jamaicans, every five years in dem neo plan

Election 1980 Kingston red, ova 800 Africans lay not in dem bed

Only 2000 come, anada millennium

Kingston mideh chant mi Kete Drum

2015 Kingston still King fe de Queen

Rastafari deh yah, and Kingston reveal.

- Ras JaJa

How do you feel

So cold, callous, cruel and horrible.

You snuffed out the life of a young vibrant and promising human being

a precious gift to her parents and all who were graced with her infectious smile that travelled from her heart and emitted from her face. How do you feel!??

You shattered her dreams, hope and her future with a bullet that can never be redeemed.

She was frightened afraid and panicked,

it did nothing to you it seems, you didn't reconsider when the only power she had was to run with all her might,

yet that didn't deter you from killing her. You cold-blooded murderer. How do you feel??

You didn't stop to think of the joy she brought to her family,

the hope she gave them by starting on the path of her dreams, oh it didn't matter.

You proceeded on your path without regret, and grabbed her precious life from her with your bullet.

Have you ever thought that God sees you. How do you feel??

Cold-blooded murderer how do you feel when you went home and on your television,

her smile lit the screen, that is the life you took, a future leader a brilliant human being. How do you feel??

- Crishna Clarke

Deep Love

silence is too profound for that love


"new broom sweep clean, but old broom know the corner"

my brothers can't fight for me

they are standing in the gap for me

"old fire stick catch quick"

nothing said

the fire burns

the love covers

the unmet needs of the many years

there is love in those eyes

standing by your side

telepathic recall

"it's time for me to do it on my own"

- Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson

A World In Crisis

Through questioning eyes I see a world in deep crisis

Bewildered by the trail of destruction caused by ISIS

Hundreds of lives snatched violently in Paris

As bullets showered like rain on an abnormal basis

These eyes surf a world in chaos and confusion

Where lives are in disarray and people become disillusioned

Worldwide acts of aggression

Give birth to belligerent nations

Tempers flare and enemies stare

The reign of terror rains everywhere

Planes are often brought down low

In such mysterious manner

Denied of their right to fly freely

Not even given a chance to hover

Warring factions in the Middle East

Can't seem to find any lasting peace

Yet, the inescapable truth about the whole matter

Is to direct a dying world to Christ the Saviour

Lasting peace can only be found in the Blood of the Lamb

The world must take note of the only solution

Christ is the panacea for all the world's aches and pains

Truly, I say, our God will forever reign.

- Everald Bogle

My Ride

Driving me slowly up that street where many unknowingly, have


It's like I'm being relentlessly beaten with an iron rod.

The brakes have been cut, I can't control you, it's like we're at


For what is about to happen, I'll end up with a great scar.

You're loved my many damsels for your external design.

For surely your material is amazingly fine.

Many if they could would slide their hands under your hood.

But I love you for your interior, to me you are superior.

I remember turning on your ignition

for you knew I loved complete submission

and often times placed you in position

to receive my love transmission.

But now I know I must let you go

For I was never told there would be so many potholes in the road

Loving you is a struggle for you're nothing but trouble

Sometimes I wanna take one last ride but I must remember my


I must walk away with not even a word to say.

- Shana Lynch