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Published:Friday | March 10, 2017 | 12:00 AM


Ignorant Souls


What we don't know cant hurt us,

The old folkes used to say

But I declare to you all today

That this ignorance will turn your blue skies grey

He came in the flesh to display

His extreme love, only to face inevitable dismay

For our salvation, his life he had to lay

Yet these people blatantly deny

His power, his might and choose to rely

On their own understanding, I have to sigh

Its written by men they often lie

Only to realise its all true, when they die

When their flesh melt away they begin to cry

Lord have mercy on me my oh my

Surrender your lives to him whilst you are young

That state he calls because you are strong

Deadly sin has prevailed far too long

Streets of gold that's where you belong

Shuancie Barrett


Holy Spirit


He is gentle and always teaches

He is merciful, He looks down and reaches

Our lives He has promised to save

His peace and joy He gave.

He came down like a dove

To spread and give His love

He is our only friend

When we have reached our wit's end.

When everyone is gone and we feel alone

He will be with us as our backbone

When we are down to our last cent

He will keep us so we look decent.

The Holy Spirit will be our guide

The Holy Spirit will not let us slide

The Holy Spirit will be our support

The Holy Spirit will be our forte.

- Hortense Francis


for "Rowena Oliver Cardoza Wilkinson"

".....Jesus is my portion ... my Constant Friend is He"

(from "His eye is on the Sparrow")

Despite the conflicts

with the Tower of Babel

we inherited English Language

in that language

it takes the consonants

to hold up the bulk

of sentence formation



meaning ... books ...

So God is worshipped in English language, the devil subdued

"The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth His handiwork

Day unto day uttereth speech, and night unto night sheweth knowledge. There is no speech nor language, where their voice is not heard" (Psalm 19 1-3)

It was my Mother's British Army friend Constance

who held the hand of a dying solider at her beside and

did all she could ... CRY!

as my Mother sang ... "His Eye is on the Sparrow", "Last Post" to the Intensive Care Unit ...

for all their 'vows", vowels only have two words

I and A to "chat",

O too as an expression

E is too much of a low grade to contend,

U these days is now posing fame,

but it is Christ who "brought" me Here

and only JESUS will take me out!

Elizabeth Wilkinson


You Can Do It

You can do it if you really want,

Try hard and don't say you can't.

God will help you as much as me,

Just try Him and you will see.

Just humble yourself, it won't be long,

Have faith and be strong.

Do it and don't say no,

as long as God tells you to go.

Do whatever you want to do,

as long as the Lord is there for you.

Tell yourself that you can make a start,

And don't allow doubt to remain in your heart.

Encourage yourself in the Lord, and be bold

as long as you have his hands to hold.

A lot of challenges you will have to face,

I don't know about you, but I enjoy this place.

I am a winner man, and so are you.

I got from the Lord my breakthrough.

You can do the same as me, as long as

You want it to be.

To chase away satan and his demons,

Prayer is man's only tool,

to turn the devil into a fool

Richard Henry


Special Moments

My mind goes back to the places I have tracked

They go in twos like deja vu

Beginning of the Curso

Excursion to Toledo

Amistad a different kind of church

A visit to the library for research

Use ATM Telebanco

Unforgettable visit to the museum El Prado

In the interim shopping, shopping

Shopping at El Corte Ingles

Visit to La Mancha

To see towns and their plazas

Like Criptana, Tembleque

And Tormellosa

But above all, to remember

Don Quixote and his Dulcinea

And at the same time to see

The captivating Molinos de Viento

And imagine those same windmills in their era

And, for entertainment

Flamenco in Lope de Vega

Fantastic, fantastico

Then Lorca's Romancero Gitano

What a show in gypsy's honour

More shopping

In Puerta del Sol

And more shopping

In Marisol

So, my mind will always go back

To places I have tracked

They go in twos, like deja vu

Emma June-Bell