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Published:Friday | April 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM


I Remembered


I remembered

The day you held my hand and

Whispered in my ear

You told me of your journey

You told me of your care

You told me you had to go

Into the wilderness

To be ridiculed, tested and tried

In that holy space

I remembered

The day you kissed my cheek

And told me not to worry

That it was willed,

You had to go

The cross you had to carry,

You said you would be back soon

That I should fast and pray

You would be strengthened

By my prayer

On that day

I remembered

How sincerely I prayed

I held you close

I kissed your hands

I cried at your feet

And as I watched

You walked away

I beheld the glory

That led you there

That glory

That led you away

Into the wilderness to

Fast and pray

In that blessed day.

O yes,

It was a glorious sight!!

Magnolia of gold

With essence of white

Phyllis Beckford


Favour of God


I got up this morning and got a cheque

I went to the bank to get some cash

I went upstairs instead of joining the queue

And came out of there in a flash.

I covered my bills and got some food

I gave some to the beggar on the street

I checked my account and got in a good mood

Because the favour of God is on my life

He allowed me to give someone a treat.

I decided to give back to Jehovah

Because He allowed me to lift my head and be glad

I went to church to seek the Saviour

Favour now rests on me so I am no longer sad. Psalms 30

Hortense Francis


Can't Come How



Yuh cut di throat a di man and woman

Throw dem inna bush like dem a dead dog

All because dem try treat yuh like human

Something rise up inna yuh fi kill dem off

Yuh not human? Eehn. Yuh not part a di race?

Dat is what everybody asking now

Yuh humanity gaan without a trace

Yes people frighten. We all asking: How?

How yuh go explain how yuh come to dis?

How yuh convince yuhself dat yuh is right?

How yuh doan see dis as di crisis it is?

How yuh go to bed and sleep out di night?

And how wi fi talk bout solution now

People cyan treat yuh like human being: How?

Jacqui Stanford