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Published:Friday | April 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM



There were ten of you stricken with leprosy

You saw clean men so you were filled with jealousy

You cried out to Jesus for your healing

Because you wanted to be free of that feeling.

He heard your cries and decided to cleanse

So you could all see things through a different lens

You became clean and brand new

Then you all went away with the crew.

Jesus noticed that only one came back to say thanks

He was even wearing proper pants

And things started to change and he had a better attitude

He remembered to show a little gratitude.

Jesus will give you a reward and you will be blessed

Just remember to return and you will be less stressed

Ingratitude is the universal sin

Be grateful and you of course will win.

Hortense Francis


I Can't Be Just Your Friend

You observed my perpetual sadness

And your curiosity got the better of you,

But you didn't intend to give more than words.

You texted me on Facebook Messenger

And you asked me some personal questions.

At first I was a bit hesitant to respond,

But I gave in because you persisted.

Although you weren't aware of my needs,

You said you wanted to help me.

I asked you to have a baby for me,

You didn't take my feelings seriously,

You thought I meant a surrogate mother.

I don't know why I trusted you.

I'm not looking for a sororal love.

I don't need your sympathy,

I need your fertility.

I know you can help me,

But you don't want to do it.

I thought you were an understanding person,

But I made a big mistake.

You don't love me.

You refused to let me impregnate you,

But you still want to be my friend.

I'm sorry, sweetheart,

That's not going to work,

I can't be just your friend.

Your sanctimonious approach worsens things.

I want a dulcinea, not a counsellor.

And since you won't let me make love to you,

I don't want you around me anymore.

I can't be just your friend because I love you.

Every time I look at you, I fall apart.

In secrecy, I admire your beauty,

But since you know that I'm thinking about you,

Your presence makes me very uncomfortable.

How can I speak to you from my heart?

I can't touch you in a mere friendly manner,

I'll never accept you just as a friend,

And so I'll keep my distance from you.

Marlon Pitter


Wonderful World

Wonderful world

Beautiful people

When I see me

I see my sister

All different nations

Colourful people

Matters not race

Caste, creed, not colour

One Supreme Being

Yahweh is our maker

Oh if we would all

Love one another

When I see you

I see my brother

Then it would be a beautiful world

See shining boys

Radiant girls, bouncing babies

Look at the flowers

All decked in colour

See all the trees

Making the letter Y

I used to ask why

Now I know

Its no crooked letter, mystery unravelled

Oh it reveals the name

Of our maker

Hallelujah, Yahshua Messiah

Winsome McKay