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Cuba to Host BirdsCaribbean’s 21st International Conference

Published:Friday | April 28, 2017 | 12:00 AM
The Cuban Trogon is not only a beautiful endemic but also the national bird of Cuba.
The world’s smallest bird, the bee hummingbird, is endemic to Cuba.


Every two years, bird educators, scientists, and conservationists from the Caribbean and beyond gather for BirdsCaribbean's International Conference. This year's conference takes place in southern Cuba from July 13-17. More than 200 international delegates are expected to converge to share the latest in Caribbean bird research and protection.

"BirdsCaribbean conferences have always been a place for scientists to collaborate beyond political boundaries," said Andrew Dobson, president of BirdsCaribbean, "Bringing an international group together in Cuba is particularly exciting. We are excited to have the chance to work face-to-face with our Cuban colleagues.

This year's theme is 'Celebrating Caribbean Diversity.' The Caribbean is a hot spot of biodiversity, with many unique plants and animals. Birds are no exception: 172 species are found only in the Caribbean. The Caribbean is also a cultural melting pot, home to the most diverse group of bird scientists in the world.

The conference will focus on the practice of conservation backed by sound science. World-famous keynote speakers will present on current issues in ornithology. Training workshops, panels, and talks will cover many topics. These include conservation of island endemics and migrants, bird tourism, bird monitoring, emerging technologies, environmental awareness, invasive species, and many other themes.




"You can share your latest findings, upgrade your skills, network with colleagues, or see the 26 bird species found only in Cuba," said Dobson. "We will also be supporting the participation of spouses and children."

"We are thrilled to host this conference at Topes de Collantes National Park in the Sierra de Escambray, Cuba's second-largest mountain range, and home to many unique birds," said Lisa Sorenson, executive director. "There will be many chances to explore, from the forests and waterfalls of the park to the historic town of Trinidad nearby. Join field trips during, before, and after the conference to learn more about the endemic birds of Cuba or tour the city of Havana."

Conference registration is open now. Visit to register or learn more.