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Published:Friday | May 5, 2017 | 12:00 AM


The Love of God


We think we know love

We think we have seen it all

Until we have known him

The creator of the heart

The truth of our existence

The only love that matters

The love of God.

True love is not evident by sight

The blind will say, then how do you ...

Love someone you can't see?

Well he loved us before our mere presence

He loves us when we chastise him

Even when we fall flat to disobedience

Only the love of God

Real love will constrain us

Taking away the struggles to resist lust

One that reflects a love of permanence

And despise the infamous pretence

A love that doesn't require much

Maintained just by his spiritual touch

That is the love of God!!!

- Shuancie Barrett





In a one room dwelling she watches over her brood

They are fast asleep with bellies filled with food

She is now thinking of tomorrow

Her neighbour just got paid so she knows she can borrow

Then there is work going on at a construction site

The wages from that can buy formula so her baby won't have to cry

Then the father of her first child promised her something

She can use it to buy flour and in the evening fry some dumplings

Her thoughts are more relaxed now

No more prostituting her body she once vowed

But if her children are hungry

Then she will have to cross that boundary

Education first her mother use to drum in her head

But his words were sweet and her mother's words she did forget

She forgot them two more times

Now she wonders if having them has messed up her life

But these thoughts are paused as the littlest one plays with her knee

His father is different from the other three

Will another man ever really love me?

She thinks out aloud remembering how she was deceived

He said he would marry her despite the three

She gave in only to find out that he was not so free

He had his own family in another country

He was so nice to her even now she shakes her head in disbelief

But despite her depression she knows she can never surrender

This is her chance to make her mark by being a devoted mother

- Jomo McKoy


I beheld

I beheld

And I saw Him

The ancient of days

Angels hovering Him

In embrace,

In clouds of silence

In mysterious grace

I beheld

And I looked upon

His glorious face.

I beheld

And I saw Him

In ancient majesty

The Redeemer Immortal

Robed in royalty

Divinity glowing

Everlasting truth

Ancient eternal youth,

I beheld His garment white as snow

And His perfect light glow.

I beheld

His hair

The length of days

Numbers, numberless

I gazed upon His ways

Pure wool, strength

In every strand,

The power, the might

Of His Holy hand.

I beheld

And I saw

His immaculate ways

I beheld Him

The ancient of days.

I beheld

And I saw

The fiery flame

Issuing from His throne

Angels in righteous judgement

Establishing earth's government

I heard

His wheels

Ancient thunder

Words, burning fire of truth

I beheld

And I saw

The King in Glory

The ancient of days

In youth.

- Phyllis Beckford