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Published:Friday | May 12, 2017 | 2:09 PM

A Meadow of Memories (M.O.M.)

The feeling that a piece of you is missing

The knowledge that someone is gone

Futile efforts to stop reminiscing

I blinked and she disappeared before dawn

A day as special as this without you

Brings back a meadow of memories

The teachings, the toiling and the scolding too

All to mould me into the person I am today

I stare, I cry, I think, I pray

That His words will remain sure as day

He says, "Call on me and I will bring you rest"

I know your faith in Him was nothing short of the best

I shall cherish all the moments we had

Though when I close my eyes and your face appears

It makes me sad

Your relentless faith and unconditional love

That only exists now in my fading dreams

Or when I unknowingly imagine you in the sky above

I have truly learnt to appreciate you more

Now that you are not around

But my loss here is an angel God has found

- Shuancie Barrett

Today and forever we celebrate you ... Happy Mother's Day!!!

For nine months she kept me inside her little womb

Then releases me into a world full of doom and gloom

Her unique little being she cuddles and loves, knowing it is her gift from God above

A life-changing experience she enjoys in every way Knowing very well motherhood is a journey she has to bear

She understands her little beauty without a manual

Her parenting skills being a ten is factual

With patience and observation, parenting is a breeze

As she caters for her child with perplexing ease

For 365 days of the year, she nurtures and cares,

A full-time job for which she is not being paid

Ask me how she did it and I might go insane,

But her inner strength is the pillar that keeps her sane

The sleepless nights and tiresome days never seem to be a bother

As she just smiles on her ways

Mother's Day is celebrated one day of the year,

Which is not enough time to show how much we care

But one day for mother we must spare

With a simple hug and I love you with a kiss upon your cheek

Are treasures that will last you for an entire year

Today and forever we celebrate you ...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Yollanda Streete

Mi Muma

See here now

ME tell dem bout mi Muma

Mi neva tell dem bout fi dem Muma

You 'ear completely wrang

you need your earring chequed

Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson