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Video authoring made easy

Published:Friday | May 12, 2017 | 12:00 AMGen Clacken

According to statistics, approximately five billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. This medium has made its way into the classroom as in the last decade or so, online videos have become a staple in many of our training and classroom experiences.

Today, you can find a video online about almost anything. there are many instructional videos that are very popular.

However, contemporary research indicates that while the audio-visual stimulation created by videos has some advantages for the classroom, the learning experience is not optimised unless videos facilitate active participation and not just passive viewership.

If you want to teach with videos, you may want to try Vizia.


What is Vizia?


Vizia is an online software that allows you to add interactive features to videos already existing in the online space. It allows the user to embed questions and quizzes into videos to create learning objects that do not just share content: but facilitate and assess learning. It is the perfect tool to transform your selected online videos into true learning resources. Best of all, Vizia is free.


How to access it


Vizia is simple to access. Navigate to, and there, you will be invited to create your account. You can create an account from scratch or sign in with your favourite platform such as Google or Facebook. Once your account has been created, then you are ready to make your videos interactive, engaging, and fun.


How do you use it?


When your account has been created, you will be prompted to fetch the website address (URL) for the video you want to repurpose. Once your video is open to the public, it can be used on the Vizia platform. You may also use your own videos hosted online or videos shared with you by specific individuals. Any video that has a web address can become a Vizia video.

When you have found the URL for your selected video, copy and paste it on to the Vizia page. Once the video has been processed, it will popup in the platform. Caution videos placed on the Vizia platform are not private. If the video you selected was shared with you privately, kindly get permission to repurpose it before you use it.

When you are able to see your video on the Vizia platform, navigate to the area directly below the video, and there, you will be prompted to insert activities at any point on the video timeline. Vizia has four different types of activities to choose from: multiple choice quiz, poll question, short answer open-ended response, and a call-to-action activity. Use the on-screen prompts to help you create your activities at different points in the video, then save your work. you are now ready to share.

Vizia videos have a unique URL that can be shared with others on any platform and on any device. They can also be embedded in websites, on Learning Management Systems (LMS), and even on social media pages. You can even enable settings that require viewers of your Vizia to share their names and email addresses before viewing.


Why should you use it?


Vizia is perfect for teaching approaches that rely heavily on video presentations. Having students simply watching a video is not enough to facilitate teaching and learning. Students must be given the opportunity to interact with the resource and assess their own understanding or learning during or after interaction with the resource. They must be able to do something with the video not just watch it.

Vizia provides the opportunity for you to make videos more engaging, facilitate your student knowledge retention, and assess how much how your students are learning. Additionally, if you sign in with a Google account, the platform allows you to download in Excel all the responses of your students so that you can analyse how well they are doing individually and as a class. That way you can identify what aspects of the content covered in the video are still not clear for them and you can do something about it. Vizia is also great for the flipped classroom approach, where students are asked to explore content at home on their own time and come to class for application activities only.




Tool: Vizia

Classification: Video Authoring Tool


Classroom Application:

- Memory/knowledge retention aid.

- Interactive content delivery.

- Assessment strategy.

- Classroom monitoring.

- Cost: Free

- Gen Clacken is an educational technologist with 15 years' experience in online education. she can be contacted at