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Published:Friday | July 14, 2017 | 12:00 AM



All men are equal,

But what is the quality of our equality?

An ongoing sequel,

Of cruel comparisons causing calamity.

We replaced the kinks in our head,

With kinks in our brains of dread,

Corrupting our thoughts to what society said;

'Til finally we are dead.

Social stratification starts from procreation,

Even in schools we have 'traditional' interpretations,

Where do we go to fix our relations?

To the place where humanity matters no faces.

For se all will come last when we speak of races.

Fabrizio Darby


I regret what this has developed into

You said to trust you but my mind says differently

A smile to love, a hug to melt

You were surely my best friend. way back then

Many things have occurred during our tenure together

Many laughs, many tears, many hurts and many pains

On my side it was and still is a stain.

I've washed my heart so many times,

but this stain just seems to be as stubborn as the new person I have become.

No longer do I smile as much

No longer do I love as much

This world has become a cycle of disappointment and grief.

Why did it have to be so

At first I could hardly say no

Now, ha, the face rejects before the heart is given a chance.

I hate how it has to become, neither do I see a positive outcome.

Save me Lord, save me

I need to love again.