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Knowledge beyond the books

Published:Friday | July 21, 2017 | 12:00 AMSaudicka Diaram

It is often said that a career in media and journalism would yield few returns and that such a choice would result in the life of a pauper. Fast-forward to fourteen years later, and the media industry has never been more alive, with expansion in new media, technologies, and a wealth of opportunities.

Earning more than the average requires planning and sometimes individual risks, which can be manifested in unpopular choices. In pursuit of higher education, often, persons attribute wealth to the traditional careers like lawyers, doctors, and pilots, to name a few. Given the developments in the business sector and non-traditional fields, especially technology, it is fair to argue that things have changed.

What was supposed to be a quick question lasted for over 45 minutes as one listened to the plight and passion of students as they tried to convince their parents that the subjects and programmes that they are planning to pursue can bring lucrative returns. Some parents have become more involved in helping to choose the education. Most times it's with the fear that their investments might not pay off for their children.

The truth is that a large majority of graduates are educated but not necessarily employable, which means they have acquired knowledge to become qualified for a job or a particular field. Sometimes the application and uniqueness to complete a task does not translate into the workforce and as such, many are caught up in the routine of a nine to five job, unable to climb the corporate ladder and plagued with the feeling of failure.

Most times it is not the career choice but rather the individual, success requires that you make necessary changes to your paradigm. Try to come out of your comfort zone, which is where the growth will happen. Showing up at work is easy, making an impact should be the objective, and that is done overtime, there is no express lane to the top and successful people will tell you it is a lot of trial and error that make the journey exciting.


Transferable skills


Parents should allow their children to pursue their passion, because sometimes that's the only thing that will keep the sparks alive. What they must ensure, is that the students are learning skills that are transferable beyond the classroom. Soft skills that make them excel in their areas of competence. Learning how to adapt to different environment, exercise critical thinking and conflict resolution are just a few of the small things that will make a huge impact.

Choose to earn, money management skills have eluded many persons, and it's with the mastery of these that one will be on the path to secure wealth. Managing finances with proper budgeting and investments are areas that can be improved daily.

Whether one's major is sociology, psychology media or finance, the key is create an impact instead of majoring in the obvious. Application of self is of paramount importance in any profession; aim to be an expert not just someone with knowledge. The choice to earn is dependent on you.