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Trench Town students receive donation from Dallas-based women’s ministry

Published:Friday | July 21, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Jeffery Cover, teaching staff member Taking Charge of Your Future (TCYF) Programme, Camile Johnson, head teacher, TCYF, Naomi Cowan, creative director Glory Music and Fun in the Son Festival and Major Richard Cooke, president, Joy Town Community Development Foundation with graduating students from TCYFat Ambassador Theatre, Trench Town

A donation of $384,000 was made by Dallas-based SHARE Women's Ministry, led by Jamaica-born Pastor Sara Cowan-Conner and her younger sister, Naomi Cowan, to Major Richard Cooke president of the Joy Town Community Development Foundation.

The Joy Town Community Development Foundation caters to over 100 children and has been in operation since 2001.

The donation will be used as part of their feeding programme for the children. Cowan-Conner said that she would strive to contribute on an ongoing basis.

The Taking Charge of Your Future programme (TCYF) was created to advance students in need of academic progress and behaviour modification, based on psycho-educational assessments performed in their core schools. Each year, the teaching staff team of eight invests time into helping the students with life skills, English, reading, basic math, and language.

TCYF seeks to fosters academic, social, and emotional development in children and youth ages eight to 15 years experiencing academic and behavioural challenges. The core goal of the programme is for each student to advance to a grade level higher.

Cowan-Conner is the daughter of Tommy Cowan and Valerie Cowan. Her mother, spent time living in Trench Town in the early ' 90s,and Cowan-Conner vividly remembers the days she spent there, where she promised herself that one day, she would bless the community.

Currently, she co-leads the Word of Truth Family Church in Arlington, Texas, with her husband Eben Conner. Their congregation consists of approximately 2,500 people from all backgrounds, age groups, and ethnicities in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

SHARE Women's Ministry supports several international and local initiatives.