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Published:Friday | August 11, 2017 | 12:00 AM
What makes black skin and hair unique

Maybe today will be the day

The birds stay away

And not come out to play

Maybe today will be the day

The moon cease to rise

And the sun stay at bay

Maybe today the earth will be no more

And the stains of life will wash ashore

Maybe today will be the day

When poetry ceased to be the art

I sometimes craft

And this path of life

No longer extend beyond the threads of my heart

Maybe today, I'm having a writer's block

A door, I can't seem to unlock

My creative juices slowed


Comfortably on pause

Maybe today, the whispers in the breeze

Were real

But I didn't hear

Neither did I see

Maybe today is the day

For inspiration

Silent meditation

No fake smiles

No pretences

Maybe today is the day

I am freed from being trapped in this maze

An emptiness of haze

A hollow gaze

Maybe today is the day I step out of this phase

Of maybe's


And unchained legacies

Maybe today is the day for change

The passion in me churned and rise again

Maybe today is the day

I write, like there is no end


Charmaine Wallace


Battle of the Mind

Why is this doubt lingering within my heart

Surely I know that Christ died on the cross

When I know that this world we will part

I ponder and think back on the millions I have lost

Tears begins to develop in my eyes

And the sweet gospel music echoes in the air

I lift my head and look to the skies

And search my heart and know he is near

That old satan is a liar from the pit of hell

I remembered the miracles and the angels above

Surely there is a God and I will tell

All the breakthroughs I had from the saviour.

Hortense Francis

Macca Tick High

Macca Tick High

Win one race a Champs

An' we did feel so great

Dat di whole a Macca Tick Town

Feel uplif an' elevate

Who no grab pot cover

Grab shet pan

And dem Mumma plate

An' holler out

'Wi win!

Wi win!'

And start fi celebrate

Wi know we is no Edwin Allen

Or Calabar

Fi a fact

But di one race whe wi win

Meck wi feel more pride

Dan whe dem got

Wi enter fifty time

And lose

So wi feel di win

Was due

An' Macca Tick athletes

Put wi pon Champs map

Meck dem stop ask

Macca who?

Now Macca High student

A run up hill

Fi meck annoda dent

Inna di history a Macca High-

An' show dem have di strent

An' even dose whe big and fat

A show dem no small fry

Dem sey if dem cyaa

Run di sprints

Di discus dem will try

Fi see if dem can win more


Fi anedda year

An' show dat Macca Tick High

Got di pomp

And got di flair.

Lisa Gaye Taylor

For My Darling

Darling, it is a delight to have you in my arms once again.

You put me in a romantic mood right away.

Take this complement as a gift from my heart:

Your gorgeousness adorns the twilight above the sea,

The glitter in your eyes outshines the Polaris,

And I relish the distinctive sound of your voice.

There is nothing more heartwarming than to caress your features.

Please, do not forbid me to say more.

You are an exceptionally kind and empathetic woman.

What else can I do now but love you?

I must add the pleasing words that I am so anxious to say:

Darling, I adore you incessantly, I certainly do.

Let me bask in the comfort of your embrace.

You are an irreplaceable treasure, a priceless emerald.

I shall stay awake all night and gaze upon your comeliness.

I love you in an inexpressible way.

You are more beautiful than all the fashion models on the catwalk.

And in future decades, you will still be my acushla.

I live and love each day for you, my darling.

The one that I shall cherish dearly will always be you.

Marlon Pitter