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Published:Friday | September 1, 2017 | 12:00 AM
Jews worshipping




I am tired of eating all this dry bread

I look at my salary and bills and I dread

Where will the next cent come from I wonder

I look in the mirror at myself and wink

I need a miracle as nothing else will do.

I heard my favourite song on the radio

I began to praise God and lose control

I have hands to clap and feet to walk

Why should I not smile and not talk

I myself am a living miracle.

I will never ever get depressed and down

I will never walk around with a frown

I will never hang my head in shame

I will never think I will never accomplish fame

I am a miracle, God's favourite miracle story.

Hortense Francis



In my heart, you're still here


I think my eyes are going crazy,

They keep telling me that I'm seeing you.

My ears must be fooling me,

I still hear your sweet voice speaking.

My mind is living in the past;

It has forgotten that you're gone.

There must be something wrong with my heart,

For it is convinced that we're still in love.

I talk to you just as I did before,

I set the table for two as if we're dining together,

And I picture you lying in the empty couch.

Your presence is all over the house as when you were here.

I'd crave you if I could accept that you're no longer mine,

But in my heart, you're still here.

I don't miss you because everything is the same since you left.

Your love is so great that it lives on in my mind.

Marlon Pitter



The Holocaust - 'Shoah'


(celebrating my Jewish Heritage)

I'll never forget the Holocaust

I never will.....

being ripped away

from Mother

familial ties

stranger lies

I never will.....

freezing boned up

concentration camp

the screaming high the banging on the wall, the sounds of slaps and bruises, bawls and howls

I'll never know for what "hollow cause"

the value of those cry struck nights

with the moon high in the sky

the mountains, the valleys

the locked doors, the bounded hands, vibrating glass, the banging to be released.

I will not forget the horror

running for my life

the screaming

escaping the gun, the knife

" don't touch me there

I am not your wife ..."

I can't forget the hollow cast

the rooms of torture and scorn

I was not on any stage or in theatre ...

Nothing was operating.

No one condemns a man

especially a leader

especially one who is an

educated bible reader

I will not forget the holocaust

life is meaningless

Star of David be my crown

Smooth my forked frown

black, yellow, red or brown

My mind is shattered, never to be found

glass breaking shots shaking the high silent sound ......

"it neva have fi go so"

Helen-Ann Elizabeth Wilkinson