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A roadmap to wellness

Published:Sunday | March 17, 2019 | 12:16 AM

Thoughtful people who seek answers to the mysteries of living life fully often turn to books of sacred wisdom and advice. Sages have explored the inner self to find wisdom with which to confront life’s many challenges, and in modern times, the need for such self-affirmation is even more urgent.

For those who thought that such wisdom only came from ancient sages or modern-day gurus, it is a welcome surprise to find that Sharon Parris-Chambers is presenting spiritual healing.

Declaring “I am a Divine Being”, Parris-Chambers has packed 163 pages with notes of inspiration that ensure that those who invest in her book will have a daily menu of mental feasts designed to bring enlightenment, peace, and satisfaction to all seekers of spiritual truths. It is the kind of book that will have a permanent place on the bedside table or the work desk, the book that accompanies a lazy day at the beach or a cosy hammock under a shady tree.

The book is divided into sections with names such as ‘Divine Consciousness’, ‘Sacred Feminine’, ‘Values To Live By’, and ‘Spiritual Development’, each of which contains chapters devoted to such topics as ‘Spiritual Beauty,’ ‘Conversations With God,’‘I Believe In Me,’ and ‘Awaken the God or Goddess In You.’

Taking a confident approach, Parris-Chambers advises us to speak to ourselves in sentences that say “I am great beyond belief” and ”I am no longer afraid of fear, failure, or my shortcomings”, explaining that these special words heal our broken, tired hearts and lift our spirits. Each chapter contains a mantra to be used as daily spiritual cleansing and a healing ritual. She explains that using the first person to express one’s consciousness is very empowering and helps in the manifestation of hopes, dreams, and visions.

“When you live the life of a divine being manifesting your destiny with every breath,” Parris-Chambers says, “what you think, you manifest. You become responsible for every thought. When you reinforce your sacred life practice daily, you manifest your destiny and enter paradise.”

In the book we learn about Breathdancing, Traffic Control of the Mind, Pranic Healing Meditation, and The Values of Ma’at. We especially honour the Ascension of the Sacred Feminine as the Matrix of Creation, connecting with our goddess selves and ascending the Divine Throne of Earth Mother. As she correctly states, “We have forgotten or been denied the depths of the mystery of how the divine light of the soul creates human life in a woman’s body.” Sister Sharon urges us women to re-establish that sacred connection in order to fully empower the divine feminine power that is born in all females.

It is a proper development of the work she has done and the life she has not only lived, but recommends we also live. The book is beautifully laid out in clear typesetting, with each chapter prepared as a daily teaching complete on its own.

©2019 Sharon Parris-Chambers

Book: Living Life as a Sacred Practice: Discover Yourself as a Source of Creation

Author: Sharon Parris-Chambers

Foreword by Dr Glenville Ashby

Critic: Barbara Makeda Blake-Hannah

Publisher: Balboa Press


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