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C.A.G.E to showcase top animation talent

Published:Sunday | July 28, 2019 | 12:00 AM

On August 31, the C.A.G.E. (Cosplay. Animation. Gaming. Esports) exhibition, to be held at the University of the Technology, Jamaica, auditorium will bring together the three major areas in millennial entertainment (Cosplay, animation, and gaming) with a major focus on technology and the Esports industry.

Organised by Anime Nerds of Jamaica and Electronic Sports Jamaica, the event will highlight the talents and creativity of Jamaicans and their ability to bring their favourite character to life through Cosplay.

According to the organisers, the event will provide animators, game developers, and illustrators the opportunity to showcase their skills and expertise. The event will also have a platform for gamers to test their skills and earn money and recognition through Esports.

The one-day event will also give businesses the opportunity to better understand the industry and develop a plan to drive sales, increase revenue, and improve brand presence in this expanding niche market.

C.A.G.E. will feature six video game tournaments, and mini-seminars. There will be an exhibitors area and a marketplace for small business owners, which will showcase products and services of animation and the technology industry.

In the coming weeks Arts and Education will showcase works of the animators and illustrators whose works will be showcased at C.A.G.E.

Akeem and Andre Roberts (ToonTwinz) – Age: 22

We the ToonTwinz have always had a passion for creating stories, and so we decided to learn animation so we could then use this medium to illustrate our ideas. We want to create content that’ll one day inspire the next generation of young Jamaican talent to dive into their passion. Our aim is to be one of many at the forefront within the animation industry for Jamaica – whose goal is to establish a viable industry.

Name of submission: Harvester

Evangel Brimhorth, half-son of The Grim Reaper has always felt more connected to his human side than his supernatural one. He flees the underworld and comes to Earth in search of a new and normal life but little does he know that Earth can be just as dangerous. With other supernaturals lurking in the shadows and as he witnesses the inhumane side of humanity, he now realises that his new life may be the same as the old one he was running from.

Davan “EZ” Easy – Age : 26

A self-taught illustrator, a lead animator and storyboard artist at GSW Animation Studio and a game designer in the making. Art to me is therapeutic and helps me get through tough times and helps say what I cannot speak into words.

Name of Submission: “5’O Clock Peace”

This piece was very personal, showing two things that no matter how bad my day was or how stressed I am, when 5 o’clock hits and the sun sets and everything has the warm but cool look and I get to play football, I am truly at peace. So this piece is done for when it’s a rainy day.