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Published:Sunday | March 22, 2020 | 12:20 AM

A musician plays in mask and gloves at the ‘Isemarkt’ street market in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday, March 20.
A musician plays in mask and gloves at the ‘Isemarkt’ street market in Hamburg, Germany, on Friday, March 20.

The Corona crisis

Rona Rona read all about it!

On the cover of every newspaper and magazine.

News of the Corona crisis is everywhere.

People, people be very aware.

Mi na try fi frighten yuh or give you a scare

This is now the world’s greatest nightmare!

The corona crisis is worse than the outbreak of poliomyelitis.

It broke out in China, but it doesn’t mean that every Chinese has it.

It’s now all over the world, Europe, Asia, North America,

South America, Africa and Australia.

The only place I don’t hear with it is Antarctica.

Coronavirus aka COVID-19 is spreading like wildfire!

It’s in the Caribbean which includes Jamaica, the land of by birth.

Lord have mercy on planet earth!

It’s an epidemic turned into a pandemic.

People, people please do not panic!

The government is working very hard to keep it under control.

Don’t stress, we need to obey the rules, pray and play our role.

Wash your hands before and after everything you do.

And now is the time to wash your face more often too.

Don’t put your hands in your mouth, eyes and nose.

Resist the urge or you’re going to need a serious purge.

Eat healthy, take your vitamin C and any supplement to boost your immune system.

Eat your fruits and vegetables; drink more water and exercise; don’t become a victim.

Avoid crowded spaces and ­practise social distancing.

Cover your mouth when coughing and your nose when sneezing.

Now is not the time to hug and kiss, I know, I know these are things we will all miss.

Use your imagination, don’t mess up the nation; be creative, send hugs and kisses online.

If you need to touch, use your elbow or your foot.

Churches, schools and some workplaces are closed.

But essential workers have to go to work.

Church is now keeping on face book, Instagram and YouTube.

Parents are now homeschooling; the classroom is now on Skype or zoom.

Supermarkets, pharmacies and hospitals are now hot spots.

If you feel exposed, self ­quarantine and work from home if you can.

Make sure you have your Digicel or Flow data plan or both of them if you can.

Corona, corona, corona!

Everyone is talking about the coronavirus.

This is the hottest topic, whether on whatsapp, radio or TV.

Even a baby the other day shouted out “Rona!”

Corona, corona, it’s no joke, that’s all they hear.

Oh Lord! What a year!

Is 2020 really the year of plenty?

Well, Lord if it is please turn the plenty into plenty good things.

Let’s take care of our health and rest and reduce the percentage of death.

Let’s promote entrepreneurship and appreciate creative and online businesses.

Rona, Rona, read all about it!

Get your cleaners, rubbing ­alcohol, hand sanitiser and bleach.

And help to get rid of this Coronavirus which is like a leech.

– Erika Heslop Martin


Our plans

And we spoke in the fields

we used to walk through,

with flora and fauna, we took for granted.

Light blurred by the remnant of the mist.

Our hearts made cool

by the greenery around us.

We would talk of things to do.

Ignoring the colours on the caterpillars.

The birds drinking the dew.

The multicoloured petals

peeping from the weeds.

The plans we made did not include these.

Nor the unstained oxygen

they made us breathe.

Our plans led to planes that led to a prison.

A prison of bills and pills and ill health.

A resemblance of our former selves.

Far from the cycles that inspired life

and kept us well.

– Mark Danvers